Recovery Points Calculator

Recovery points are a quantitative measure of credits that a student needs to complete with a B or better to return to good academic standing (i.e. 2.0 cumulative grade point average).  Recovery points are a useful numerical value for determining the appropriate academic plans for recovery, and for individual conversations between advisers and students. 

Recovery points should be evaluated when the cumulative gpa* is below 2.0, using this formula:

Recovery points = GPA Units x [2 - gpa]

Use the calculator below to determine Recovery Points for a student:

Screenshot of LionPATH Showing the numbers needed for calculations. Use the "Units Taken Toward GPA" cumulative total for the first input in the calculator below. Use the GPA cumulative total for the second input below.

Information needed to calculate recovery points can be found using the following navigation in LionPATH:

  1. From the Advisee Detail page, select "Grades" under Academic Records
  2. Select the most current term completed
  3. The information needed appears in the "Term Statistics" section

Calculate Recovery Points:

Units Taken Toward GPA:   (#1 above)
Cumulative GPA:   (#2 above)
Recovery Points:


Links to additional information:

University Faculty Senate Policy 54-00