Writing Across the Curriculum

Course Requirement

Baccalaureate and associate degree students must complete at least 3 credits of writing-intensive courses prior to graduation. These courses must be selected from approved writing-intensive courses offered within the major or college of enrollment. Generally, specific writing-intensive courses are built into the requirements for a major.

A student's degree audit monitors the completion of the Writing Across the Curriculum requirement.

Course Characteristics

Writing assignments in these courses are used as instruments for learning the subject matter, methods of inquiry, and types of writing associated with a given discipline (e.g., to gain experience in interpreting research results and/or to learn a kind of writing associated with a given profession). The quality of the student's writing is a factor in determining his/her final grade.

Identifying Courses

A list of writing-intensive courses is on the web.

In LionPATH, use Search for Classes (tutorial: Searching for Classes) to find W courses offered in a semester or session at a specified campus and location. Select Additional Search Criteria, then choose Writing Across the Curriculum as the Course Attribute. Select the Class or Section link in the search results to check "Enrollment Information" for this attribute as shown below:

Example in LionPATH of class attribute Writing Across the Curriculum

Some sections of courses are approved as writing intensive on a semester basis. Although these sections may not be included in the list of writing-intensive courses, they will appear when searching for classes and Writing Across the Curriculum will be indicated in the course "Enrollment Information" as a Class Attribute.


The letter W next to a course number indicates that the course is writing intensive; M signifies that the course is both a writing-intensive and an honors course; and X signifies that the course is both writing intensive and a first-year seminar. Certain writing-intensive courses have also been approved for General Education. Writing-intensive courses that are approved as Intercultural and International Competence or United States and/or International Cultures are designated with a Y suffix.

Last Update: June 2016

Reference(s): Guide to Curricular Procedures I. Writing Across the Curriculum