The Office of Student Aid provides information on scholarships offered by the University and outside sources.

The following resources might by helpful:

  1. Meet and network with professionals at the University, including multicultural directors, academic advisers, professors, and Multicultural Resource Center counselors.
  2. Check campus bulletin boards for information on opportunities.
  3. Make connections in your hometown (local businesses, churches, work place of parents and relatives). Search the web for companies and stores that offer scholarships.
  4. Visit the University Fellowships Office to learn about externally administered scholarship and fellowships. Programs are available for students in all majors. While many programs are targeted toward upper-class students, there are opportunities for students at all levels of study.
  5. Use online resources, but do not use sites that ask for money. Examples of appropriate sites are fastweb and the College Board's Scholarship Search.

The following are tips provided by students who have had success:

  • Read about scholarship winners to obtain ideas and inspiration.
  • Carefully read and follow directions on your scholarship application.
  • Look for renewable scholarships
  • Write an excellent essay and keep it in your files. Tweak it for other scholarhips.
  • Do not get discouraged. Keep trying.

Reviewed: June 2016
Last Update: August 2014