Resolution of Student Classroom Problems

Students are occasionally confronted with classroom situations (exclusive of grades and grading, see Grade Mediation and Adjudication) which may cause them concern and/or inconvenience. These may include the following:

  • Failure of a faculty member or administrator to uphold University policies. Examples are prohibition of smoking in classrooms, prohibition of scheduling of comprehensive examinations during the last class period, early completion of semesters, and others.
  • Failure of faculty members to fulfill their instructional obligations. Examples are failure to distribute a syllabus with complete course information during the drop/add period for a course, unjustified cancellation of classes, frequent absenteeism or late arrival, failure to keep designated office hours, and inappropriate substitution of teaching assistants.

A student who feels that a problem exists should attempt to resolve it by following the procedures detailed in the Academic Administrative Policies and Procedures Manual, R-6.

If at any time during the procedure a student has questions or wants a student representative to assist, the student should contact the Academic Affairs Committee of the University Park Undergraduate Association, 314 HUB, University Park, 814-863-4326 or by email to

Reviewed: October 2014
Last Update: July 2009

Reference(s): Senate Policy 20-00