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When Can You Schedule Classes?

Typically students with more credits register first; registration dates are determined by adding your total credits earned to the credits on your current schedule. Exception: priority (early) registration for some, veterans, athletesSchreyer Scholars, and students with disabilities. If you have questions, contact the appropriate office.

In LionPATH, the Student Center (Enrollment Dates) shows the first date you can enroll in courses for the upcoming semester. (If a student is approved for priority registration, it will be reflected.)

The Registration Timetable provides a chart with the minimum credits and the corresponding first date to enroll (including the first day to enroll in upcoming  summer sessions).

You can begin enrolling in classes at 12:01 a.m. on your first day.

How Do You Register/Enroll in Classes?

Follow Registration instructions.

Class Full?

Want to schedule a class but no seats are available? Follow tips at Scheduling a Course That's Full to improve your chances of adding it.

Combined Section Classes

Knowing about combined section classes (formerly cross-listed courses) may help you enroll in a class that's full.

Controlled Course?

A course or a class section may be controlled for students with particular characteristics (for example, students in a specific major or semester standing). If a course is controlled, details are provided in LionPATH Class Search, either in "Enrollment Information" or in "Notes," as illustrated below:

Example of Enrollment Information in LionPATH

Notes from Enrollment Information in LionPATH

If you're unable to schedule a controlled course, call the department and ask what you might do to schedule it or what course you could consider as an alternative.

Where's LionPATH Help?

If you're having issues with LionPATH, help is available from LionPATH Production Support. Help is also available from Information Technology Services.

Looking for a Certain Kind of Course?

You can use the Additional Search Criteria in LionPATH Search for Classes to find courses that have a particular characteristics or attributes and can further refine your search by using Course Attribute Value. For example, if you select Bachelor of Arts from the Course Attribute menu and Other Cultures from the Course Attribute Value menu, results will include courses that satisfy these requirements in the semester and campus specified.

Confused by Abbreviations, Acronyms, and Codes?

Ready to schedule a class but wonder what that letter following the course number means in Search for Classes? Look it up at Abbreviations, Acronyms, and Codes.

How Do You Drop and Add Classes?

After enrolling in classes, it is possible to make changes until the Course Drop and Add deadlines. Use LionPATH to change your schedule. Instructions are provided in Adding a Class, Dropping a Class, and Swapping a Class help documents. After the drop and add deadlines, students may late add and/or late drop courses but should first discuss circumstances and options with an academic adviser.

Other Questions?

If you have other questions about course registration, please contact the Registrar's Office.

Last Update: June 2016