The Late-Drop Checklist

If you are considering a Late Course Drop

  • Check the Policy. Read about Late Course Drop in the advising handbook.
  • Check the late-drop deadline for the course. For full-semester courses, the beginning of the late-drop period and the late drop deadline are on the Academic Calendar. In LionPATH (Student Center, Academics, My Class Schedule), late drop deadlines are listed for every class on the student's schedule (including part-semester courses), by clicking on the deadline icon Image of deadline icon from LionPATH.
  • Check major requirements. What is the minimum grade needed to enter your major and to graduate?
  • Check with your instructor. Is it possible to earn the grade you want/need?
  • Check the impact of your expected grade. Calculate your grade-point average with the grades you anticipate.
  • Check the costs:
    • Your record
    • Your academic progress (prerequisites, entry-to-major, graduation)
    • Your late-drop fee
    • Your financial aid
    • Your eligibility for some special programs and opportunities
      (e.g., Intercollegiate Athletics, Schreyer Honors College, scholarships, immigration status)
  • Check with an adviser. Does difficulty in this course mean you will have difficulty reaching your goals?

If you decide to Late Drop, process the action on LionPATH. Instructions are provided in LionPATH Help.

Last Update: October 2016