ISIS Advising Codes by Category

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The tables on this page provide a brief interpretation of a variety of codes related to student records that appear on ISIS screens and on reports that are generated from ISIS. No attempt has been made here to provide an interpretation of the codes beyond the description that has been obtained from the ISIS data dictionary.

Additional lists of ISIS codes can be found in Penn State's Data Warehouse ISIS Codeset Listing.

Admission Types

Admission types
Number Code Code Description
01 FRESH Freshman
02 ADVST Advanced Standing
03 READM Readmit
04 REAGR Readmit for graduation
05 REINS Reinstate/Readmit
06 REIGR Reinstate for graduation
07 PROV Provisional (degree-seeking)
08 PROVA Provisional (degree-seeking) advanced-standing
10 PNTDG Provisional (degree-seeking)/nondegree to degree
11 HSNDG High school nondegree
30 CLADM Capital admit
31 CLRAD Capital reinstate/admit
32 CLPTD Capital provisional (degree-seeking)/nondegree to degree
33 CLCYE Capital common year entry
34 CLREA Capital readmit
35 CLRGR Capital readmit for graduation
36 CLRER Capital reinstate/readmit
37 CLRIG Capital reinstate for graduation
38 CLPRO Capital provisional
50 GRNEW Graduate new
51 GRCHG Graduate readmit - degree to degree
52 GRESU Graduate resume studies
53 GRNDD Graduate readmit - nondegree to degree
60 HERSHEY MED ADMIT Hershey medical admit
70 LWNEW Law new
71 LWRAD Law readmit
71 LWADV Law advanced standing

College Codes

College Codes
Code Abbreviation Description
AA A & A Arts and Architecture
AB AB Abington College
AG AG Agricultural Sciences
AL AL Altoona College
BA B A Business
BC B COL Behrend College
BL BL Berks College
CA C COL Capital College
CC CC University College
CM COMM Communications
DU D U S Division of Undergraduate Studies
ED ED Education
EM EM SC Earth and Mineral Sciences
EN ENGR Engineering
GN GR ND Graduate Non-Degree
GV GV School of Graduate Professional Studies
HD H DEV Human Development
HH H H D Health and Human Development
HP HP ER Health, Physical Education, and Recreation
IA IA School of International Affairs
IC I COL Intercollege Undergraduate Programs
ID I DIS Interdisciplinary Graduate Programs
IS I S T Information Sciences and Technology
LA L A The Liberal Arts
LW LAW Dickinson School of Law
MD MED College of Medicine
MS ROTC Reserve Officers Training Corps
NR NR College of Nursing
SC SCIEN Science
UN UG ND Undergraduate Non-Degree
XX REG This code does not represent a valid college but rather establishes a college-like unit for purposes of sorting to which items can be assigned that are required but do not belong to a particular college. Assigned to Registrar.

Entry-to-Major (ETM) Codes

Entrance-to-Major (ETM) Codes
Code Description
A Approved
C Conditionally approved
D Denied (below cut-off)
E Below 2.00 CGPA
F Failed AMPS audit (missing course)
N Requested noncontrolled major
blank no action

Campus Codes

Campus Codes
Code Description
AA Altoona campus
AN Lehigh Valley campus
BD Penn State Erie, The Behrend College
BK Berks campus
BR Beaver campus
CL Penn State Harrisburg, The Capital College
DE Brandywine campus (formerly Delaware County campus)
DN Carlisle campus
DS DuBois campus
FE Fayette campus
HN Hazleton campus
HY Milton S. Hershey Medical Center
KP Penn State Great Valley
MA Mont Alto campus
MK Greater Allegheny campus
NK New Kensington campus
OZ Abington campus
PC Pennsylvania College of Technology campus
SL Schuylkill campus
SV Shenango campus
UP University Park campus
WB Wilkes-Barre campus
WD World Campus
WS Worthington Scranton campus
XC State College Continuing Education
XP Keller Conference Center at University Park
XS Foreign Studies Program
YK York campus

Hold Codes: Reason

Hold Codes: Reason
Code Description
AD Admissions
AE Athletic equipment
AR Academic renewal
BK Books
BL Bernreuter loan
BO Bookstore
CE Continuing Education
CO College
CP Comprehensive Studies
CR Correspondence course
CS Conduct Standards
DA Dickinson School of Law (Admissions)
DC Dickinson School of Law (College)
DI Graduate programs declared inactive
DL Delinquent account
EL Emergency loans
FB Foods Building
GA Graduate Admissions hold
GF Graduate Fellowship Office
GP Graduate Programs Office
GS General Sales
HF Housing and Food
HL Health
IN Insurance
IS International Students
LI Library
MI Other
NC Non-credit
ND Dropped from non-degree status
NL NDSL loans
NO Nondegree over limit
OV Overaward
PC Psychological Clinic
P1 Graduate school provisional 1 hold
P2 Graduate school provisional 2 hold
P3 Graduate school provisional 3 hold
P4 Graduate school provisional 4 hold
RA Re-enrollment advising
RE Re-enrollment
RI Returned item
SL University loans
TF Traffic insufficient funds
TN Transcript fee not paid
TP Traffic parking privileges
TR Traffic delinquent parking violations
UA University apartments
UD University department
WO Write off - turned over to collection agency
XL Exit interview; exit hold - loans and scholarships

Hold Codes: Source

Hold Codes: Source
Code Description
AA Arts and Architecture
AB Abington College
AE Athletic Office
AG Agricultural Sciences
AL Altoona College
AM Admissions
BA Business (Smeal)
BB Bursar, batch
BC Behrend College
BL Berks College
BO Bookstore
BU Bursar, on-line
CA Capital College
CC University College
CE Outreach Office; Continuing Education Conference Center
CM Communications
CS Comprehensive Studies
DN Dickinson
DU Division of Undergraduate Studies
ED Education
EM Earth and Mineral Sciences
EN Engineering
ER Registrar - Enrollment Services
ES Registrar - Enrollment Services
GR Graduate School
GV Great Valley
HE Health Services
HF Housing and Food
HH Health and Human Development
HS Health Services
IA International Affairs
IC Intercollege Undergraduate Programs
ID Interdisciplinary Graduate Programs
IN International Students
IS Information Sciences and Technology
JA Judicial Affairs
LA Liberal Arts
LI Library
LS Loans and Scholarships Office
MD Medical
NR Nursing
PC Psychological Counseling
RE Registrar FINL; Registrar's Office
RG Registrar ACAD; Registrar's Office
SC Science
TR Traffic Office

Registration Status Codes

Registration Status Codes
Code Description
CANADM Administrative cancellation of registration
CANIND Cancel Correspondence Course Registration
CANPDC Paid cancel of admissions offer
CANSCH Student's schedule was cancelled
DECEAS Deceased
EXPCT Student is expected to enroll
REGADV Advanced registration
REGIND Correspondence registration only
REGIST Regular registration
REGLAT Late registration - after 10 days
SCHED Schedule student's courses
TERM-D Student terminated by department
TERM-M Program terminated
WITH-C Withdrew - Counseling
WITH-F Withdrew for financial reasons
WITH-I Withdrew - Independent Learning
WITH-M Withdrew for medical reasons
WITH-O Withdrew for unspecified reasons
WITH-R Withdrew with retroactive Senate approval
WITH-S Withdrew for scholastic reasons
WITH-T Withdrew - Transfer
WITH-U Withdrew - Summer only
WITH-X Withdrew - Military
WTHDRL Withdrawal - Lopped over

Residence Codes

Residence Codes
Code Description
A Resident of PA, post office across border
D Parents divorced/separated, parent residence = PA
F Foreign student on temporary visa, residency = non-PA
G Parent/student working for government, residency is PA
I Permanent resident immigrant, legal residence = PA
J Permanent resident immigrant, residency = non-PA
K Non-PA residency but pay PA tuition rate
M Parent/student in military service, residency = PA
N Non-Pennsylvania resident
P Pennsylvania resident
T Temporarily working out of PA, but residence is PA

Scholar Codes

Scholar Codes
Code Description
0 Under consideration
1 Scholar
2 Former scholar
3 Graduated as a scholar
blank Not a scholar

Semester Classification Codes

Semester Classification Codes
Code Description
01 Undergraduate students who have earned 0–13 credits
02 Undergraduate students who have earned 13.1–27 credits
03 Undergraduate students who have earned 27.1–43 credits
04 Undergraduate students who have earned 43.1–59 credits
05 Undergraduate students who have earned 59.1–75 credits
06 Undergraduate students who have earned 75.1–91 credits
07 Undergraduate students who have earned 91.1–107 credits
08 Undergraduate students who have earned 107.1–123 credits
09 Undergraduate students who have earned 123.1–139 credits
10 Undergraduate students who have earned 139.1–155 credits
11 Undergraduate students who have earned 155.1 or more credits
C1 First-semester law students
C2 Second-semester law students
GR All graduate majors including nondegree
IP Integrated graduate/undergraduate program
J1 Junior first-semester law students
J2 Junior second-semester law students
LW Nondegree law students
MD All medical majors
MG Integrated medical/graduate program
M1 Middler first-semester law students
M2 Middler second-semester law students
NC Nondegree conditional undergraduate students
NR Nondegree regular undergraduate students
PR All provisional students
S1 Senior first-semester law students
S2 Senior second-semester law students

Sport Codes

Sports Codes
Code Description
001 Basketball (W)
002 Fencing (W)
003 Field Hockey (W)
004 Golf (W)
005 Gymnastics (W)
006 Lacrosse (W)
007 Softball (W)
008 Swimming (W)
009 Tennis (W)
010 Outdoor Track (W)
011 Volleyball (W)
012 Cross country (W)
013 Indoor track (W)
014 Soccer (W)
017 Ice Hockey (W)
020 Baseball (M)
021 Basketball (M)
022 Fencing (M)
023 Football (M)
024 Golf (M)
025 Gymnastics (M)
026 Lacrosse (M)
027 Soccer (M)
028 Swimming (M)
029 Tennis (M)
030 Outdoor Track (M)
031 Volleyball (M)
032 Wrestling (M)
033 Cross Country (M)
034 Indoor Track (M)
037 Ice Hockey (M)
040 Cheerleaders, co-ed
041 Dance team, co-ed
042 Ice hockey (W)
043 Rugby (W)
046 Ice hockey (M)
047 Rugby (M)
050 Basketball (W), non-UP
051 Field Hockey (W), non-UP
052 Golf (W), non-UP
053 Softball (W), non-UP
054 Tennis (W), non-UP
055 Volleyball (W), non-UP
056 Soccer (W), non-UP
057 Cross Country (W), non-UP
058 Track and Field (W), non-UP
059 Swimming (W), non-UP
060 Cheerleading (co-ed), non-UP
061 Cross Country (co-ed), non-UP
062 Golf (co-ed), non-UP
063 Tennis (co-ed), non-UP
064 Lacrosse (W), non-UP
065 Bowling (W), non-UP
070 Baseball (M), non-UP
071 Basketball (M), non-UP
072 Cross Country (M), non-UP
073 Golf (M), non-UP
074 Lacrosse (M), non-UP
075 Soccer (M), non-UP
076 Tennis (M), non-UP
077 Volleyball (M), non-UP
078 Track and Field (M), non-UP
079 Swimming (M), non-UP
080 Water Polo (W), non-UP
081 Water Polo (M), non-UP
082 Wrestling (M), non-UP
100 Bowling (W), club
101 Cycling (W), club
102 Equestrian (W), club
103 Racquetball (W), club
104 Rifle (W), club
105 Rugby (W), club
106 Alpine Skiing (W), club
107 Soccer (W), club
120 Bowling (M), club
121 Boxing (M), club
122 Cycling (M), club
123 Ice Hockey (M), club
124 Rifle (M), club
125 Racquetball (M), club
126 Rugby (M), club
127 Alpine Skiing (M), club
128 Volleyball (M), club
129 Lacrosse (M), club
149 Dance (co-ed), club
150 Soccer (W), club, non-UP

Last Update: May 2014