ESL Advising Placement Guide

Related Topic: English as a Second Language

The chart below is designed to guide advising discussions with students whose native language is not English to help them select from first-year writing courses. 

Students who enroll in ESL 15 are asked to produce at least one writing sample during the first week of class. On the basis of the student's writing sample(s), an instructor may recommend concurrent enrollment in ESL 5. Seats in ESL 5 are limited. Registration information is provided on the first day of class in ESL 15.

ESL 015 in-class written test response key
  ESL 15 ENGL 15
1. What type of writing did you do in your high school English classes? Usually wrote essays of more than two pages and also wrote essays that involved some library research Frequently wrote essays of four or more pages and research papers
2. What did the teacher largely focus instruction on? Writing to develop and communicate ideas, writing to argue and support a position, practicing grammar, vocabulary, and essay structure Writing to develop and communicate ideas, and writing to argue and support a position
3. How easily can you read and paraphrase someone else's words to support your ideas? Usually easily but not always Fairly easily
4. How frequently do you revise your papers? Typically but not extensively Often
5. How often do you read other writer's texts to help you develop your ideas when writing essays in English? Sometimes Often
6. Do you ever consider yourself to be a confident and competent writer in English? Somewhat Very much so
7. How often do you make mistakes in grammar and vocabulary while writing in English? Sometimes Rarely

Last Update: May 2016