Drops (Disenrollment) by Colleges

Degree candidates who fail to meet academic entrance and retention standards in effect at the time of their most recent admission to a college or major may be disenrolled (see Holds on Student Registration). Students should seek assistance from the appropriate academic advising and information center or the Division of Undergraduate Studies.

A student required to disenroll from a college or major may attempt to transfer directly to another college or major (Senate Policies 37-00, 39-00) or, if appropriate, to the Division of Undergraduate Studies.

Students disenrolled and not accepted for enrollment in another college or major, or the Division of Undergraduate Studies may be dropped from degree status. If this happens, the student may enroll as a nondegree-regular student. For additional information, see appropriate dean.

Students may be dropped from their college of enrollment by action of the President through written recommendation of the dean of the college if such action is deemed appropriate. For a specific college's procedures, see appropriate dean.

Reviewed: July 2015
Last Update: July 1998

Reference(s): Senate Policy 54-56