Course Placements (First-Year Writing, Math, Chemistry, and World Language)

Entering first-year students plan their first-semester schedules as part of New Student Orientation (NSO). Course selections are guided by a student’s academic background and experience, goals, highest SAT-Evidence-Based Reading score, and highest ALEKS Math Assessment score.

During NSO students receive course placements in first-year writing, math, and chemistry to help them begin courses at levels that match their readiness. Related test scores are available to students and academic advisers in the advisee's Student Center in LionPATH (Academics, Academic Background) by clicking on Test Results/View All. In addition, the student's background in world language is presented on this table, which helps to determine the appropriate level of a continuing language to schedule.    

Students should not schedule first-year writing, mathematics, chemistry, or world language courses without first reviewing their course placements with an academic adviser.

For additional information concerning course scheduling based on placements, contact the appropriate office:

Program in Writing and Rhetoric, 434 Burrowes Building, University Park, 814-863-3066, Mathematics Undergraduate Studies, 104 McAllister Building, University Park, 814-865-7528, Undergraduate Chemistry Office, 210 Whitmore Lab, University Park, 814-865-9391. Department Contacts for Courses includes department phone numbers for individual world languages.

Contact the Division of Undergraduate Studies at 814-865-7576 for more information about course placements for advising and program planning.

Last Update: April 2016