Course Delivery Systems

Penn State credit courses are available through three delivery systems: resident instruction, Continuing Education, and World Campus. The same policies for registration and tuition apply to all three delivery systems.

Courses are selected using LionPATH Search for Courses. When selecting courses for a semester schedule, a student may choose courses from a combination of delivery systems. The total number of credits scheduled in all delivery systems determines a student's credit load.

Resident Instruction

Most undergraduate students schedule the majority of their course work through resident instruction. They are most often offered in traditional classes during the day on weekdays, Monday through Friday.

Continuing Education

Continuing Education courses are designed to meet the needs of adult learners by offering small class sizes primarily during evening hours. These courses are available to other students on a space-available basis. The listing of Continuing Education course sections typically appears after resident instruction courses listed in LionPATH Search for Courses. At University Park, Continuing Education section numbers begin with 901. In the following example, section 901 is a Continuing Education section:Example of continuing education class listing in LionPATH

By selecting the Class or Section link above, students can confirm Continuing Education as a Class Attribute at a particular campus as shown below:

Example of class attribute in LionPATH

World Campus

World Campus courses offer online instruction for students pursuing World Campus degrees and certificates. Online credit courses are available to all Penn State students on a space-available basis according to specified course registration priorities.

Last Update: May 2016