Accessing Grades

Students may choose from the following options to check their grades:

eLion Applications


Faculty members report grades to the Registrar's office at the conclusion of a course. As grades are recorded, they become available to students through the Grades application on eLion. This grade report lists the following:

This information can be viewed or e-mailed to the student.

Degree Audit

A grade report from the student's most recent semester or session is included in the student's degree audit. As each grade is recorded by the Registrar's office, it immediately appears on the student's degree audit.


A student's transcript includes his/her complete academic record at the University. Grades from the most recent semester/session are recorded on the student's transcript as soon as all grades for the student are reported for that semester/session.


Using the Mail Semester Grades application on eLion, students may request that a grade report be mailed. The deadlines for making these requests are as follows:

Deadlines to request mailed grade report.
Semester Deadline
Summer 2015 8/21/15
Fall 2015 1/06/16
Spring 2016 5/20/16

For an explanation of the information presented to students when grades are reported, see Grade Report and Transcript Symbols; Grades and Grade-Point Average; Cumulative Grade-Point Average; Cumulative Credits/Total Credits; Dean's List.

Last Update: July 2015