Academic Registration Hold

When other means of communication with a student have failed, an academic registration hold may be activated to ensure the student is in communication with the appropriate person/office regarding his/her academic decisions. A hold can be placed when a student is violating a University or college policy or if the student's academic decisions appear to be counterproductive to his/her academic success. In addition, a hold can be used to support the operation and well-being of the academic community as a whole.

Impact of a Hold

A hold temporarily prevents two actions: The student's use of the registration system and any access to his/her official transcript.

Types of Holds

Academic (College, enrollment unit, or campus designate) to help students fully understand the implications of their academic decisions and help them resolve outstanding academic issues. (Academic registration holds are activated as soon as a student is in academic warning or suspension.)

Conduct (Office of Student Conduct) as a consequence of a disciplinary proceeding and failure on the student's part to follow through with required actions for resolving an incident.

Financial (Office of the Bursar, Housing) as a result of outstanding financial obligations with the university.

Global Programs (International Students) for an international student to ensure that proper immigration documents are completed and filed with the office as required by Department of Homeland Security regulations.

Medical (University Health Services) due to health-related issues including insurance.

A unit placing a hold must post clear information about its hold policy and procedures on the unit's website.


Holds should prompt students to resolve issues before or after the registration periods in an effort to minimize unintended disruptions to timely academic progress. Other than holds resulting from academic warning or suspension, holds should not begin during active registration periods: regular drop/add and one week before through one week after the student's first date of registration for the next semester.

Student Notification

Prior to placing a hold, a unit must contact the student with the following information:

Formal notification of the potential hold,
the action required to avoid a hold,
a timeframe for the required action,
the appropriate office to contact with questions about the process.

(In limited cases units impose a registration hold without warning when circumstances warrant immediate action to protect the campus community or ensure the safety of a student.)

When a hold is placed, students must be told who to contact in order to have the hold lifted. In addition, an appeal process must be provided to the student including the office to contact with questions and for the appeal.

Academic advisers must be notified of holds placed on their advisees.

In LionPATH, the Holds box (found on the Advisor/Student Center page) lists any holds that a student needs to resolve.

Last Update: June 2016

Reference(s): Senate Policy 34-30