About the Handbook

This handbook is published by the Division of Undergraduate Studies (DUS) in consultation with offices throughout Penn State to provide user-friendly advising information regarding University-wide academic policies and procedures. It is intended to be used in conjunction with University, college, and department advising resources. Information, policies, and procedures have been cross-referenced with the relevant University sources. Although the handbook is designed for use at University Park, most information is applicable at other Penn State campuses.

A red asterisk next to a topic in the index indicates a revision to policy has been approved by the University Faculty Senate. Red text in the related handbook section provides a link to the policy change. As procedures are implemented, the handbook will be updated.

Tips for Handbook Use

Searches: To find a particular topic in the handbook, use the alphabetical index or type a word or phrase into the Search field. All handbook topics are indexed in the Academic Advising Portal, a comprehensive guide to online University academic advising resources and tools. The portal also provides a Search Policies and Procedures features.

Links: Links to appropriate websites are provided in the index and throughout the handbook. However, we are not responsible for the content of sites that have not been developed by DUS. (Entries that link to websites outside of the handbook are designated by a External link icon indicating that the link will open a new tab or window..)

Curricular Updates and Academic Advising News: Notifications for academic advisers of new or discontinued majors and minors, as well as changes in policies or procedures affecting academic advising. You can view all updates on the Academic Advising Portal.