World Campus

128 Outreach Building
University Park, PA 16802
814-865-5403 or 800-252-3592

Penn State's World Campus offers degree programs, certificates, and online courses and introduces its opportunities via the World Campus New Student Orientation.

World Campus courses have specific start and end dates that coincide with Penn State's academic calendar. Typically, fall- and spring-semester courses are fifteen weeks; summer-session courses are six or twelve weeks.

Course Selection

World Campus courses are designed to offer flexibility for a student who cannot access resident instruction or Continuing Education courses (e.g., the student cannot get to campus due to time or transportation constraints). Although World Campus courses provide some structure through weekly assignments, the online instruction does not provide the structure of a classroom experience. Students should be advised to consider the skills required to be successful.

Students should discuss the appropriateness of their course selections and the online instructional format with their academic advisers. In addition, World Campus advisers are available to provide consultation and course-specific information.

Listings of World Campus course offerings are available through the LionPATH Class Search.

LionPATH Class Search

To find World Campus course offerings in LionPATH use Class Search and select WC - World Campus from the Campus menu.

Course Registration

The Penn State World Campus is integrated with University systems, including LionPATH and the assessment of tuition.

A change of campus to the World Campus is required if a Penn State student is not enrolled in the World Campus but wants to schedule only World Campus courses for a particular semester.

Registration in Non-Controlled Courses

Summer Session:

Using LionPATH, any Penn State student (regardless of semester classification, major, or campus) can register for non-controlled World Campus courses in accordance with the Registration Timetable.

Fall and Spring Semesters:

World Campus students have registration priority for World Campus courses. Only students with a World Campus designation can register for World Campus courses on LionPATH. (Campus designations are found in LionPATH, advisee's Student Center, under the "academics" tab.)

Students enrolled at other Penn State campuses may register for World Campus courses according to instructions for multiple campus registration, if space is available, based on the following (in order of priority) :

  1. Graduating Seniors: Registration for a World Campus course may be an option for a student's final semester if he/she could not schedule the course required for graduation at his/her campus. An adviser's confirmation of the student's status and his/her need must be provided via email to
  2. Adult Learners: World Campus courses may be an option for students classified as Adult Learners (indicated in LionPATH advisee's Student Center in the "general info" tab and in the student's Starfish Overview listed as Group(s): Adult Learners).
  3. All Other Penn State Students: Regardless of classification or campus assignment, any student may register for a non-controlled World Campus course seven days before the start of a semester/session if space is available (based on scheduling restrictions and considerations) and the student is approved for multiple campus registration. Typically, additional students will not be added to the course if the class limit (as indicated in the LionPATH Class Search) has been reached.

Registration in Controlled Courses

Controlled World Campus courses are typically only available for World Campus students enrolled in World Campus majors. However, controlled courses may be available seven days prior to the start of a semester/session. Controlled math courses offered by the World Campus are never available to students who are not in a World Campus major and campus location.

College of Information Sciences and Technology majors at any campus (other than the World Campus) must receive permission from the IST advising center to enroll in IST World Campus courses.

Student Policies and Procedures

The World Campus website provides information on academic policies and procedures for World Campus courses (e.g., taking exams and securing a proctor, obtaining course materials, dropping a course, deferring a grade).

International Student Restriction

International students may not enroll full-time in World Campus courses. Only one 3-credit online course may be used toward full-time enrollment each semester.

Tuition and Student Aid

World Campus courses are included in a student's semester bill. If a student is registering for a total of 12 or more credits, there is no additional tuition charged for a World Campus course. Students registering for fewer than 12 credits will pay tuition according to their primary campus assignment and semester standing.

Students taking World Campus courses may be eligible for student aid.

Last Update: June 2016