Web / Online Course Work

Some Penn State courses are taught completely online. They are referred to as "Web courses." Some courses have a significant online component and are referred to as "blended learning" or "hybrid courses." In addition, many courses are Web- or computer-enhanced and use technology classrooms, components of ANGEL, or have online elements.

Students thinking about Web course work can check their readiness by using a self-assessment and should read Considerations When Planning a Schedule to consider the most desirable learning environment.

Web / Online Courses

Web courses are offered through both the resident instruction and the World Campus delivery systems. Web courses do not meet in traditional classrooms, with the possible exception of scheduled examinations. A Web course may be offered by both resident instruction and the World Campus with identical course content. However, a student enrolled in a resident-instruction Web course may be expected to be on campus for a classroom experience (e.g., to take an exam) while a student enrolled in a World Campus course will not be required to be on campus for any part of the course.

Identification of Web Courses

Web courses are identified in the Schedule of Courses when WEB appears in the Day/Time column indicated below.

Course Listing for Art 010

To find resident-instruction Web courses offered at a particular campus, use Additional Search Criteria in the Schedule of Courses. Select Web Courses to find all courses that have a WEB designation in the Day/Time column.

World Campus course selections are available in both the Schedule of Courses and the World Campus Catalog.

Blended Learning / Hybrid Courses

Blended learning/hybrid courses combine Web and traditional classroom instruction (also referred to as "face-to-face" instruction). These courses are offered through resident instruction.

Identification of Blended Learning/Hybrid Courses

When a course is offered in a blended learning/hybrid format, HYBRID COURSE appears in the Section Info column in the Schedule of Courses. It is not possible to search the Schedule of Courses for hybrid/blended learning experiences. However, they are identified as indicated for Section 003 in the example below.

Course Listing for Nutrition 251


Students can select Web and hybrid courses from offerings listed in the Schedule of Courses for their campus and schedule them in the same manner as any other resident instruction course (see Registration for instructions). Students in residence at any Penn State location can schedule World Campus courses according to course registration priorities.

Multiple Campus Registration

It may be possible for a student at one campus (or on a study abroad experience) to enroll in resident instruction Web courses at another campus (see Multiple Campus Registration). Students are advised to contact the course instructor to find out if any of the course assignments will require them to be on the campus offering the course. If a student would like to schedule the course, he/she must contact the department offering the course for approval and the Registrar's office at his/her campus to register. To schedule a World Campus course, the student must call the World Campus Registrar's office (814-863-5256).

International Student Online Course Limitation

Only one 3-credit online course may be used toward full-time enrollment each semester.


Tuition rates listed on the Bursar's website apply to all credit-bearing resident instruction, Continuing Education, and World Campus courses. If World Campus (WD) is a student's primary campus, Tuition Tables are provided. Students are not charged the facilities or activities fees for a semester or session in which they are enrolled in only World Campus courses.

Reviewed: July 2015
Last Update: August 2009