Appropriate Deans' Offices at University Park

Many academic procedures for undergraduate students require assistance from a dean or director. In the list that follows, the appropriate dean's office representative for most undergraduate activities is identified and will be referred to throughout this handbook as "the appropriate dean's office." For information about the appropriate dean's office for a college at another Penn State campus, contact the academic advising center at that campus.

Appropriate Dean's Offices at University Park Campus
College Dean / Director
(or representative)
Email Phone *
College of Agricultural Sciences 
101 Agricultural Administration Building
Tracy Hoover
College of Arts & Architecture 
104 Borland Laboratory
Gary Kesler
Smeal College of Business 
202 Business Building
Jeffery Sharp
College of Communications**
201B Carnegie Building
Marie Hardin
Division of Undergraduate Studies 
118 Grange Building
David Smith
College of Earth & Mineral Sciences 
14 Deike Building
Nels Shirer
College of Education 
278 Chambers Building
Petitions should be submitted to the advising
office in 228 Chambers Building.
Stephanie L. Knight
College of Engineering 
208 Hammond Building
Christine B. Masters
College of Health & Human Development*** 
5 Henderson Building
Dennis Shea
College of Information Sciences & Technology
104 IST Building
Jeanie Peritz
College of the Liberal Arts 
101 Sparks Building
Christopher Long
School of Nursing
Paula Milone-Nuzzo
Eberly College of Science 
428 Thomas Building
Richard Robinett

*All phone numbers are (814) area code.

**DUS provides assistance to degree-seeking provisional students.

***For many academic actions in the College of Health and Human Development, information and procedures can be obtained from the advising center.

Last Update: April 2014