A transcript of a student's academic record is a chronological report of the student's academic work recorded at the University and a record of the student's performance in Penn State courses. The Registrar's office updates transcripts according to a timetable for the recording of grades and degree conferral.

Understanding a Transcript

The following links provide detailed information on interpreting the codes and abbreviations that are used on a transcript:

See Understanding a Transcript for details on information provided in a transcript.

Official and Advising Transcripts

The following description contrasts official and advising transcripts and explains how to access them.

Official Transcripts

Current or former students may obtain official copies of their transcripts; a fee will be charged. This official document is presented on security (tamper-proof) paper with the University seal to prevent duplication and is signed by the University Registrar. An explanation of transcript symbols and notations is provided in the Transcript/Enrollment Verification Key on the back of the official transcript.

Requesting an Official Transcript: Official transcripts can be ordered by current students, former students, and, with a student's permission, by institutions, corporations, or parents. A currently enrolled student may choose to receive his/her transcript (1) immediately, (2) when the current semester's courses have been graded, or (3) after his/her degree has been conferred and is recorded on the transcript. The University Registrar provides details at Official Transcripts. 

Advising Transcripts

An unofficial transcript, available primarily for the purpose of advising, is an internal working document for currently enrolled students. A student who has graduated may request an advising transcript within thirty days after his/her graduation. After that time, a student may obtain an official transcript only (details above). The advising transcript has the same information about a student as an official transcript, but it does not have a University seal, it is not signed by the University Registrar, it is not printed on security sensitive paper, and it does not have a guide to understanding the transcript on the back. It is printed on plain white paper and may be duplicated.

Accessing Advising Transcripts: Students and advisers may obtain copies of advising transcripts by using the Transcripts application on eLion. Currently enrolled students may also present photo identification at the Registrar's office at any campus or at the appropriate dean's office to obtain an advising transcript. There is no fee for advising transcripts, and they are not sent through the mail. Authorized advisers can also access transcripts on ISIS screen ARISTU.

Reviewed: June 2014
Last Update: June 2006