A written syllabus (paper or electronic) must be provided to students in each course within the drop/add period for that course. If there are changes to the information provided in the syllabus during the semester, they must be given to students in written form (paper or electronic).

Elements of a Syllabus

  • Information on the course content and expectations (e.g., class attendance)
  • Details on the basis for grades: including the course's examination policy, the number and types of exams, as well as a list of graded assignments with their approximate due dates and their weight in the final grade.
  • Instructor's course policy for academic integrity

In addition, it is recommended that a syllabus include information for students about the principles for "Promoting a Vibrant Learning Culture."

The Faculty Handbook provides guidelines on what to include in a syllabus.

Reviewed: August 2013
Last Update: April 2012

Reference(s): Senate Policy 43-00