Summer Sessions

Enrollment in summer sessions is available to all students at all Penn State campuses. Students may elect to enroll in one summer session or a combination of sessions at one or more campuses. The Schedule of Courses provides scheduling information for every campus. Courses are offered in a variety of time frames at every location; use the Registrar's Academic Calendar to view the sessions offered at each campus.

Courses offered at a particular campus in a specified time frame can be identified using the Schedule of Courses. In the Semester field choose Summer and in the Campus field select the desired location. Click on Additional Search Criteria, in the Starts At or After field, enter the first day of the desired session (listed on the Academic Calendar). In the Ends On or Before field, enter the day classes end in the desired session.

Course Offerings

Summer course schedule information for all Penn State campuses is available in the Schedule of Courses. To find out when the Schedule will be available, contact the Registrar's office at the campus of interest. Check Past Course Offerings in the Schedule of Courses or contact the department offering the course to determine availability.

Special LEAP course offerings are available for students newly admitted for the summer session at the University Park campus. Search for available LEAP sections in the Schedule of Courses by choosing Summer (semester), University Park (campus), and LEAP (course subject).

Credit Load

The pace of a summer session course is rapid and demanding. Generally, 1 credit per week of instruction is considered to be a reasonable load (i.e., 6 credits in the six-week session). However, each student's circumstances should be considered carefully. For example, the student who has other demands on his/her time or who is taking a very difficult course may want to schedule a lighter credit load. Students on internships or involved in independent study might be able to carry a heavier credit load.

International students beginning in the summer must maintain full-time academic status.

Tuition and Financial Aid

Tuition and fees can be calculated on the Penn State Tuition site.

If a student would like to be considered for financial aid for summer, he/she should contact the student aid representative at his/her Penn State campus. Students can also access information about summer aid availability on the Office of Student Aid website.

Enrollment at Another Penn State Campus

(see Summer Registration at Alternate Penn State Campuses)

Enrollment at Another Institution

(see Transfer Credit)

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Last Update: June 2016