Student Aid (Financial Aid)

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Credits Required for Aid Eligibility

The Office of Student Aid provides details on credits required to maintain satisfactory academic progress.

Academic Actions that Affect Aid Eligibility

A number of academic situations can affect a student's eligibility for financial aid:

Auditing a Course: A student cannot receive financial aid for an audited course.

Failing a Course: If a student receives an F in a course, the credits are not counted toward financial aid eligibility. Student financial aid recipients who receive one or more F grades in a semester may have their aid adjusted according to federal regulations and may be required to repay part or all of the federal or state funds they received in that semester.

Leave of Absence: A student should contact the student aid representative at his/her Penn State campus before taking a leave of absence to discuss any potential problems with aid eligibility.

Nondegree Enrollment: Nondegree students are not eligible for student aid.

Reducing Credit Load by Dropping or Late Dropping a Course or Withdrawing: Information on Withdrawal and Aid and Dropping Credits and Aid is available on the Student Aid website. These actions can impact eligibility even when processed retroactively by petitioning the University Faculty Senate.

Repeating a Course: Credits earned in a course that is repeated are counted only one time in meeting completed credit requirements for federal financial aid if the original course grade was not a passing grade. In addition, many state grant agencies will not count repeated courses in their credit requirements. A student should check with his/her state grant agency (in PA / out-of-state) when considering repeating a course.

Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory Grading: Before processing a request for a SA/UN grade, a student should consult with a student aid representative to discuss potential problems with aid eligibility.

Scheduling Courses at Another Institution: A student who wants to temporarily attend a school other than Penn State should consult with the student aid representative at his/her Penn State campus .

Transferring to Another Institution: A student interested in transferring to another institution should contact the student aid representative at his/her Penn State campus to find out what steps to take in order to continue to receive aid after transferring.

More information is available on the Office of Student Aid website.

The University may make changes in policies, procedures, educational offerings, and requirements at any time. Please consult a Penn State academic adviser for more detailed information.

Reviewed: June 2016
Last Update: June 2015

Reference(s): University Faculty Senate Policies and Rules for Undergraduate Students, Appendix E