Schedule Planning

Your academic success depends largely on your choice of courses.

Work with your adviser!  Best practice: Use resources, draft a plan, share ideas with your adviser, refine your plan, then enroll. Attend classes and further refine plans during drop/add.

If you can’t get an appointment with an adviser before your first day to schedule, use resources below, enroll in classes, and then meet with an adviser before the semester begins to go over your selections and discuss alternatives.

CREATE YOUR PLAN: In addition to your interests and the requirements of the majors you’re considering, create a plan based on:

Tip: Learn more about a course by contacting the instructor or department. Ask for a syllabus.

The checklist below can help you prepare for your advising appointment. It can also help you plan your schedule if you cannot meet with your adviser before your first day to register.

1. Find your first day to enroll in classes for next semester

In Registration Information, determine the first date you can schedule classes for an upcoming semester.  

2. Identify courses for the upcoming semester

3. Enroll in classes

For summer 2016: Look up each course on your list in the Schedule of Courses for the campus you plan to attend and choose the section you prefer. Then follow the process for Adding Courses and use Registration/Enrollment Information as needed.

For fall 2016 and beyond: Use LionPATH to identify available courses and enroll. The Registrar provides A Guide to Fall 2016 Registration with LionPATH.

Remember: Your first day to enroll is not the last day to work on your plan, but it is an important step in accessing appropriate courses. You can continue to refine your schedule through the semester drop/add period.

Last Update: June 2016

Reference(s): Senate Policies 34-58, 34-60