Re-enrollment is a procedure that allows a former Penn State undergraduate degree candidate who has interrupted continuous enrollment to resume degree candidacy.

Students dropped from degree status for poor scholarship must request reinstatement to resume degree candidacy. After a four-year absence, academic renewal may be the appropriate action for a student seeking forgiveness for unsatisfactory scholarship.

Situations Requiring Re-Enrollment

Re-enrollment is necessary for any undergraduate student who wants to resume degree candidacy after any of the following situations:

Exception for Adult Learners

Adult learners who meet specified criteria can resume degree status without re-enrolling.

Exception for Re-entry of Nondegree and Degree-Seeking Provisional Students

A nondegree or degree-seeking provisional student who wants to continue his/her education in the same status after an interruption in continuous enrollment (other than summer sessions) must complete the appropriate form: the nondegree enrollment form is submitted to the Registrar's office; the provisional reentry form is submitted to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions. Provisional re-entry must be approved by a DUS adviser at the campus a student plans to attend.

Degree Requirements

University degree requirements (including General Education) are those in effect when the student's first scheduled class meets following re-enrollment. Requirements for a program (e.g., major, minor, option) are those in effect when the student most recently enters that program. Degree audits that accurately reflect requirements for students who are re-enrolling are available to advisers on eISIS.

Selection of Campus and Program

When seeking re-enrollment, a student may request an alternative program (college, major, option, degree) and/or campus. A degree audit may be used to evaluate a student's progress toward an alternative goal.

Timing for Re-Enrollment Requests

To allow for academic planning, students should request re-enrollment as soon as they decide on the semester/session in which they want to return.

Requests for re-enrollment should be initiated at least thirty days before the semester in which re-enrollment is sought. However, re-enrollment can occur as late as the end of the registration/late registration period.

Student Action

  1. In your intended college, meet with an adviser in the appropriate advising center to review your academic goals and plans to achieve them. Your intended college may require that you meet with an adviser prior to re-enrollment.
  2. Complete a re-enrollment request form. If you would like to change your college, campus, or major, the change may be indicated on this form.
  3. Submit the completed form with the required nonrefundable fee to the campus Registrar's office where you hope to enroll. If you took credits at another school during your absence from Penn State, send the official transcript of your work to Undergraduate Admissions.
  4. If you have questions about this procedure, contact the appropriate Registrar's office.

Some circumstances require actions in addition to the re-enrollment request:

Academic Drop: The student must first complete the appropriate reinstatement process as well as activate the re-enrollment procedure (see Reinstatement).

Disciplinary Suspension, Indefinite Expulsion, or Expulsion: The student must contact the Office of Student Conduct, 814-863-0342, at University Park or the Office of Student Affairs at other Penn State campuses.

Holds: If a hold has been placed on a student's record, it must be cleared before registration can be processed (see Holds on Student Registration).

Reapplying to a Minor: Students admitted to a minor who interrupt continuous enrollment must reapply to the minor when re-enrolling in the University if the minor is still desired (see Minors).

Re-enrollment after a Medical Withdrawal: In some cases, when there is significant concern about individual or community health, the director of the University Health Services (or designee) can require students who have processed a medical withdrawal to obtain medical clearance for re-enrollment (see Withdrawal).

Military Re-enrollment is appropriate for students who processed a military withdrawal. The student resuming studies after discharge or being placed on inactive duty is assured direct access to the same major and campus he/she was assigned prior to withdrawing. The re-enrollment fee is waived. Students on military leave should direct questions about their status and/or procedures for re-entry to the Office of Veteran's Programs, 325 Boucke Building, 814-863-0465.

Re-enrollment with Less than a 2.00 Cumulative Grade-Point Average: Students whose performance is below satisfactory but who have not been dropped from the University (see Unsatisfactory Scholarship) may request an evaluation for re-enrollment into the Division of Undergraduate Studies (DUS). The student should contact the appropriate advising center. An evaluation does not guarantee that re-enrollment will be granted (see DUS).

Re-enrollment into the Division of Undergraduate Studies (DUS) with 60 Credits (or more): The college that the student hopes to enter must support this action. The student seeking re-enrollment into DUS must present to DUS a letter of support from the appropriate college (see DUS).

Re-enrollment with Advanced Standing: If the student has attended another college or university, a review of the student's official transcript may be required prior to re-enrollment. The transcript of credits earned at the other institution must be sent to Penn State's director of admissions so that a decision can be made on addition of credit. If the student is re-enrolled and the transfer credits are acceptable, a recording fee is assessed and the credits are added to the student's permanent record (see Transfer Credit).

Re-enrollment with Academic Renewal is appropriate for a student desiring re-enrollment after an interruption of enrollment of no fewer than four calendar years if the student's cumulative grade-point average is below a 2.00 (see Academic Renewal).

Re-enrollment for Graduation: After the student's re-enrollment is approved, he/she must contact the appropriate dean's office to ensure that graduation requirements have been met and that he/she will be added to the graduation list.

University Response

Re-enrollment is a two step process that requires: 1.) University approval and 2.) approval of the requested academic major.

Re-enrollment is approved immediately by the Registrar's office unless the student

  • has a cumulative average below a 2.00 (or higher for programs with academic entrance requirements)
  • has a cumulative grade-point average below the minimum established in an academic entrance or retention requirement
  • requests a different program than the one in which he/she had been enrolled*
  • requests re-enrollment in DUS
  • requests a different campus than the one in which he/she had been enrolled
  • requests a major that is not offered at the requested campus
  • requests pre-major status in a college (e.g., Engineering, Liberal Arts)
  • requests a major that has an administrative enrollment control

In these circumstances, the appropriate dean or director in the college or division in which the student is seeking re-enrollment must review the request.

Authorized advisers can use ISIS screen ARISBD to determine if a student's re-enrollment request is eligible for immediate approval.

If a student's re-enrollment request requires a review, the Registrar's office notifies the student when his/her request has been approved or denied by the appropriate dean or director (typically within two weeks after receiving the request). A student's re-enrollment request status can be viewed on ISIS screen ARUSBE.

*Note: A person may be denied re-enrollment into his/her previous degree program in certain circumstances, such as changes in the person's academic credentials or changes to the previous degree program (including termination of the program).


Students approved for re-enrollment may register according to instructions given by the Registrar's office when the re-enrollment is approved. When students' Penn State Access Accounts have been reactivated, it is possible for them to register online using eLion.

Information on access account reactivation is available through the office of Information Technology Services at Access Account Activation. Students with questions about account reactivation should call the ITS Accounts Services Office at 814-865-4772 or email

Reviewed: July 2015
Last Update: May 2012

Reference(s): Senate Policies 58-00, 58-20, 58-50