Quick Reference Chart for Advising Notes

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Summary of Content Codes

A quick reference guide to the summary of Advising Content Codes
Code Content
A Admission
AC Academic Review
AD Academic difficulty
AJ Adjustment issues
AP Academic progress check
AR Academic renewal
AT Audit changes
AU Degree audit
C Consultation (in interview)
CA Change of campus
CC Curricular choice
CD Change of major (discussed)
CM Change of major
CN Confidential
CT Certification
DA Drop/add
DE Dean's approval/action
DF Deferred grade
EA Education Abroad
EI Exit interview
EM Entrance to major policies
EP Educational planning
ET Entrance to major processes/procedures
EX Exploration
FA Financial aid
FC FTCAP college/campus meeting
FP Faculty Senate petition
FT FTCAP interview
GN Graduation
GP General, personal
GR Graduate/post-baccalaureate
HO Honors
I Information giving
ID Intellectual development
IN Internships
L1 Letter for job
L2 Letter for study abroad
L3 Letter for non-PSU courses
L4 Letter for other
LA Leave of absence
LW Law school
M Miscellaneous
MD Medical school
MN Mentoring
MR Minors
MT Max time
NS No show
PR Progress Report, Early
Q1 Questionable enrollment, no further discussion
Q2 Questionable enrollment, w/further discussion
R Referral
RC Rescheduled/cancelled
RE Re-enrollment
RI Reinstatement
S Study skills and reading
SC Scholarships/fellowships
ST Student conduct
SU Summer courses
T Testing
TI Test interpretation
TO Transferring to another institution
TR Transfer credits
VC Vocational/career choice
W Withdrawal

Summary of Referral Codes

A quick reference guide to the summary of Advising Contacts- Referral Codes
Code Content
A Admissions Office
AC Advising/student services center
AD Adult student services
AL Alumni office (college or University)
B Bursar
C DUS Programs Coordinator
CA Campus representatives
CC College Contact Person (CCP) or College Contact and Referral Representative (CCRR)
CD Career Services
CE Continuing Education
CI College international programs office
CP College career placement office
CR College Representatives or
Associate Dean's Office (UP)
DE Department, academic
DS Disability services
DU DUS advising center in Grange
EA Education Abroad
EM Electronic media
FA Financial aid (Student Aid)
FD Faculty adviser, student's assigned
FM Faculty member, not assigned adviser
H Health services
I Instructor in student's course
IL World Campus
IN Internship/co-op/student teaching
LA Learning assistance/academic support
LI Libraries
M Miscellaneous
MC Minority coordinators/reps
MR Multicultural Resource Center
OC Off-campus
PC College programs coordinators (faculty members in charge of degree programs at a campus
PL Pre-law adviser/advising center
PM Premed adviser/advising center
R Registrar
SA Student's assigned professional adviser
UF University Fellowships Office
US Schreyer Honors College
VA Veteran's Affairs
WC Writing Center

Summary of Type of Contact Codes

A quick reference guide to the summary of Advising Contacts- Contact Codes
Code Content
C Contact with other than the student
E Email, other electronic communication
F Flier or other generic paper mailing
G Group meeting
I Individual interview
L Letter
O Out of office (in class, etc.)
T Telephone conversation
V Voice mail or answering machine
W Walk-in advising
X Miscellaneous/other

Last Update: June 2014