Part-Semester Courses

Not all courses offered in a semester or session follow the time frame established on the Academic Calendar. A part-semester course may be scheduled to meet during a portion of a semester or session. For example, a course may meet for the first or second half of a semester or it may meet for two full days during a semester. The number of hours of classroom instruction and out-of-class work for a part-semester course is commensurate with the number of credits awarded for the course (Senate Policy 42-23).

Part-semester courses may be helpful for students who want to maintain a certain credit load or need flexibility during a portion of the semester. For other strategies, see Maintaining a Certain Credit Load.

Identifying Part-Semester Courses

In LionPATH Class Search, find part-semester courses by choosing Undergraduate as the “Course Career” and Dynamic Dated Classes as the “Session.” In addition, some courses may be found using other “Session” options (e.g., Seven Week – First).

Screenshot of LionPATH search for classes interface.

The “Meeting Dates” listed with each course specify the dates the class meets. In Schedule Builder the class meeting dates are revealed by clicking the Information link  in the listing of the course.


Part-semester courses have deadlines that vary. Deadlines such as drop, add, late drop, scheduling a course as an audit, and withdrawal are prorated based on a course's time frame. The deferred grade deadline is ten weeks following the end date of the course (as it appears in LionPATH Class Search).

Other deadlines, such as no grade and satisfactory/unsatisfactory grading, are the same for full- and part-semester courses. If additional information regarding processing dates is needed, contact the campus Registrar's office.

Determining Deadlines

In LionPATH, the advisee’s Student Center (Academics, My Class Schedule) provides deadlines for each course in a semester/session by clicking the Deadlines link .    

Scheduling Part-Semester Courses

Students schedule part-semester courses using LionPATH enrollment processes.

Reviewed: May 2016
Last Update: May 2016