No Grade (NG)

The NG symbol is used in place of a grade for two different reasons: (1) To identify a course in progress or (2) to identify a course for which a student did not receive a grade at the end of the semester/session.

NG for a Course in Progress

When NG is used for a course that is still in progress at the time of grade reporting, it is changed to a grade/symbol upon completion of the course or when the time limit for completion of the course is reached.

NG for No Grade Reported

An NG appears on a student's record in place of a grade if the Registrar's office did not receive a grade (or a deferred grade) from the course instructor by the grade-reporting deadline.

Impact on the Student's Record

Degree Audit: If students have NGs, their degree audits will include a section titled Incomplete Courses and list the courses with NGs (see section 6 of this sample degree audit).

Transcript and Grade Reports: When a student receives an NG in place of a permanent grade, the grade-point average is calculated and appears with the letter "I" (incomplete) printed next to it on the grade report and transcript. A student with an NG on his/her transcript will not be allowed to graduate, even if the course in which the NG was recorded is not required for graduation in the student's degree program.

When an NG on a student's record is replaced by a grade, the grade-point average is recalculated and the student is notified by email to check eLion for the corrected grade.

Student Action

The student should contact his/her instructor (or the department offering the course) as soon as possible to determine what needs to be done so that a grade can be assigned.

Deadline for Changing NG to a Grade

Effective spring 2012, the NG must be reconciled within five weeks following the posting of the NG. This deadline applies whether or not the student is enrolled in the following semester/session. Two weeks prior to the deadline, the Registrar's office sends a reminder of the NG expiration date to the student and instructor. If a grade is not entered by the deadline, the NG will be changed to a grade of F. The instructor and the student will be notified that an F was recorded.

Deadling for changing NG to a Grade.
Student receives NG for NG notation is changed to an F
Spring 2015 6/19/15
Summer 2015 (all sessions) 9/25/15
Fall 2015 2/10/16
Spring 2016 6/17/16

Note: NGs recorded prior to fall 1989 are not affected by this policy.

Last Update: July 2015

Reference(s): Senate Policy 48-50