The Late-Drop Checklist

If you are considering a Late Course Drop

  • Check the Policy. Read about Late Course Drop in the advising handbook.
  • Check the late-drop deadline for the course. Use eLion Course Drop Dates.
  • Check major requirements. What is the minimum grade needed to enter your major and to graduate?
  • Check with your instructor. Is it possible to earn the grade you want/need?
  • Check the impact of your expected grade on your cumulative average. Use eLion GPA Prediction.
  • Check the costs:
    • your record
    • Your limited late-drop credits (effective fall 2016, late-drop credits will not be limited)
    • Your academic progress (prerequisites, entry-to-major, graduation)
    • Your late-drop fee
    • Your financial aid
    • Your eligibility for some special programs and opportunities
      (e.g., Intercollegiate Athletics, Schreyer Honors College, scholarships, immigration status)
  • Check with an adviser. Does difficulty in this course mean you will have difficulty reaching your goals?

If you decide to Late Drop

You can process a late drop in any of these ways:

  • on eLion Late Course Drop
  • with an adviser
  • in the department offering the course
  • at the Registrar's office

Check your schedule on eLion. After processing a late drop, be sure the course you dropped is not on your schedule.