ISIS (Integrated Student Information System)

ISIS is a Penn State database that is an important tool for advising students. It may be used to obtain information provided by various University offices, such as Undergraduate Admissions and the Registrar's office. In addition, ISIS may be used to implement some academic advising actions.

Authorized advisers are issued a SecurID and may access ISIS through the Administrative Information Services (AIS) mainframe computer. For more information about receiving authorization to use ISIS, contact your area or campus Access and Security Representative (ASR) or the AIS Support Center at 814-863-2276.

To identify and use ISIS, see Advising Topics and Related ISIS Screens, a directory of the Registrar's ISIS screens with links to detailed directions for their use, and ISIS Advising Codes by Category.

eISIS provides authorized advisers with Web access to some ISIS data in a user-friendly format with additional functionality.

Visit the AIS website for more information about access and security.

Project LionPATH, launched 2012, is multi-year undertaking to replace ISIS with a new, modern system.

Reviewed: July 2015
Last Update: March 2013