Holds on Student Registration and Records

Current policy reflected below. New Faculty Senate Policy 34-30 (Academic Registration Hold) pending implementation.

To ensure compliance with University Faculty Senate policies or to ensure communication with a student regarding the need to fulfill certain administrative or college requirements, some University offices are authorized to place holds on student records. A hold is considered temporary and is removed as soon as conditions for placing the hold are resolved.

Student Action

Resolve the hold by taking the action specified in a student's eLion/LionPATH hold information.

Types of Holds

The types of holds that can be placed on a student's record are as follows:

Hold Information

For summer 2016: Authorized advisers can use ISIS screen ARURD to determine if a student has a hold on his/her registration: a "Y" will appear in the "HD" column on the right side of the screen. Information about the hold will be displayed on ARISL. For more details, type "S" under "SEL" and press enter.

The eLion Holds application provides students and advisers with information on the type of hold, the date the hold took effect, the impact that the hold will have on the student's record, the reason for the hold, whether or not there will be a transcript notation for a disciplinary hold, and contact information for the office that placed the hold.

For fall 2016 and beyond: In LionPATH, the Holds box (found on the Advisor/Student Center page) lists any holds that a student needs to resolve.

Every semester all students have a hold that prevents enrollment until they complete their financial responsibility agreement. This agreement is in the Pre-Registration Activity Guide found in a student's To Do List box. Completing this activity guide will release the Financial Responsibility hold and allow students to schedule classes on their enrollment date.

Impact of a Hold

Registration/ Course Add/ Drop/ Late Drop

Failure to complete a Financial Responsibility Agreement prevents enrollment for an upcoming semester.

An academic, administrative, financial, or health hold prevents the student from registering or adding courses for current and future semesters. The student will be allowed to drop and/or late drop courses. Although a hold will not prevent a student from dropping or late dropping courses, there are other policies that prevent these actions (examples include an overdue tuition bill or an accusation of academic misconduct). If a student's circumstances/options are unclear, contact the Office of the Registrar.


Two conditions prevent the issuing of an official transcript: (1) the student has a financial hold or (2) the student has not participated in a student-loan exit interview.


Certain financial or conduct holds prevent the issuing of the student's diploma.

Student Notification

A student is automatically notified by email as soon as a hold has been placed on his/her record.

Last Update: April 2016

Reference(s): Academic Administrative Policies and Procedures Manual: C-2 and N-2