First-Year Seminars and Engagement Plans

A student's campus of enrollment determines whether or not he/she is required to complete a first-year seminar. Campuses that do not require an FYS provide students with a first-year engagement experience.

A student's degree audit will monitor the completion of his/her FYS requirement. (See section 11 of this sample degree audit. "OK" indicates the requirement has been met; "NO" precedes the statement if a student has not met the requirement.) If a student changes his/her campus location, the student's audit will be changed to indicate whether the student needs to fulfill this requirement based on established criteria.

First-Year Seminars (FYS)

Students generally select a First-Year Seminar in their college or major.The First-Year Seminar is portable, meaning the requirement is satisfied by completing any First-Year Seminar. However, students should be cautious when selecting a seminar, because for some majors, a seminar has been incorporated into a required course. Some First-Year Seminars have departmental controls. If a student is seeking enrollment in one of these courses, the appropriate college advising center or the appropriate department should be contacted for registration information. A student in the Division of Undergraduate Studies (DUS) can take a First-Year Seminar in any college. DUS provides a list of First-Year Seminars Available to DUS Students.

A list of all first-year seminars is online. In the Schedule of Courses, use Additional Search Criteria to find seminars offered in a semester or session. First-Year Seminars designated with an "S," "T," or "X" suffix are also found in the Schedule of Courses and the University Course Description section of the Undergraduate Degree Programs Bulletin by course abbreviation.

Completing a First-Year Seminar may also fulfill other requirements in the student's program, such as General Education, major, minor, or elective. For example, if a student completed PHIL 083S (GH), it would satisfy 3 credits of the General Education humanities requirement and the First-Year Seminar requirement.

First-Year Seminar content varies. Course numbers and, in some cases, section numbers indicate different content. To select an appropriate seminar, read the course descriptions. For colleges not listed at this site, contact the appropriate advising center.

Campus Engagement Plans

Approved campus engagement plans are online.

Reviewed: June 2015
Last Update: June 2011

Reference(s): Academic Administrative Policies and Procedures Manual L-9, Guide to Curricular Procedures F. First-Year Seminars/Engagement Plans