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Penn State students can choose from hundreds of international programs in more than forty-five countries around the world and earn Penn State credit while experiencing life in another country. Programs vary in length: semester, academic-year, summer, and embedded programs are available. (Embedded programs are part of some courses taught at Penn State that include a brief international excursion as a minor component of the course.). For detailed information, refer to Global Programs.


Education Abroad programs are open to all regularly enrolled Penn State undergraduates. Applicants must be in good academic standing and show evidence of maturity, stability, self-discipline, and strong academic motivation. Most programs require a minimum 2.75 or 3.00 cumulative grade-point average (CGPA); some programs require a 2.50 CGPA; a few programs require a CGPA higher than 3.00. In addition, some programs have specific course prerequisites that must be fulfilled prior to departure.


Planning ahead is critical in order to (1) select a program that is a good fit with the student's educational goals, (2) ensure that courses taken abroad meet the student's degree requirements, and (3) ensure the completion of program prerequisites. Students should begin planning by following the detailed First Steps to Study Abroad provided by the Office of Global Programs.

Fulfilling Requirements

If planned carefully, regardless of a student's college or specialization, Penn State students may enroll in courses abroad that apply toward degree requirements. Students can explore opportunities and identify courses that are available through study abroad using the Program Search.

Student's International Cultures requirement is satisfied by education abroad courses designated as IL.

Students are not able to take sport activity courses (e.g., yoga, sailing) while abroad.


Cost estimates that detail the anticipated program costs are provided for each program. Program costs vary greatly depending on program type, duration, cost of living, and student support services available.

Financial Aid

Student financial aid can be used for most Penn State Education Abroad programs. Education Abroad works closely with the Office of Student Aid to ensure that additional costs incurred by participants are considered when evaluating the student's cost of attendance. Education Abroad also has some scholarships available for qualified students who demonstrate financial need. Information on a variety of additional scholarships and grants specifically for overseas study may be obtained through Education Abroad.

Application Deadlines

Typically, program application deadlines are

Application deadlines.
Program Application Deadline
Fall March 1 (some exceptions with a January 20 deadline)
Spring May 1 (some programs reopen with a September 15 deadline)
Yearlong March 1 (some exceptions with a January 20 deadline)
Summer February 1

Scheduling Courses for the Semester after Studying Abroad

Students should meet with their advisers prior to departure to plan an appropriate schedule of courses for the semester they plan to return to Penn State. Several course alternatives should be identified. Registration instructions and LionPATH Class Search are available on the web. If access to the web is limited while abroad, the student has the option of providing the necessary information to a contact in the United States and asking that person to register for him/her.

Last Update: May 2016