Degree Audit Instructions for Intended/Alternative Majors

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  1. On eLion select the Degree Audit application.
  2. Under Majors select

    Intended/Alternative (majors to explore).

  3. Select Continue.
  4. From the College menu, select the appropriate college. If you are unsure which college to choose for the major you are exploring use the alphabetical list of all majors to identify the appropriate college.
  5. From the Major menu, select the major of interest. "B" will be the first letter in the parenthesis next to baccalaureate degrees, 4-year programs; an "A" will be the first letter in the parenthesis next to associate degrees, 2-year programs.
  6. From the Option menu, make a selection if the message "Select an Option" appears. Look up the major in the Undergraduate Degree Programs Bulletin to learn about its options.
  7. From the Program Year menu, select the year you plan to enter the major. If the year you plan to enter the major isn't listed, select the last year on the list.
  8. Select Submit degree audit request.
  9. Read the message at the top of the page to determine your next step.

    If there is an Error Message, make the requested correction.
    If there is a Confirmation Message, proceed to View audit request status.

  10. Degree audits that have been requested are listed. Look in the Status column on the far right. If the status is reported as "Not ready," select Recheck status.
  11. When the status reports Ready, select the button on the far left and then click View audit. The audit you requested is available to view and print.
  12. To request another audit, select Return to degree audit main.

The University Undergraduate Advising Handbook provides detailed information about Degree Audit.

Reviewed: July 2015
Last Update: May 2008

Related Topic: Degree Audit