Credit for Educational Experiences in the Armed Forces

A student who is a veteran or is actively serving in the armed services or is a member of the selected reserves may be granted credit for educational experiences in the armed services. The student must be in degree status or have completed at least one credit-bearing course at Penn State before credit for educational experiences in the armed forces will be recorded on the student's transcript.

Formal Military Courses / Military Occupational Specialty

For formal military service school courses and Military Occupational Specialties, general credit may be awarded when the experiences are certified by the Department of Defense and the American Council of Education (ACE). A student who would like to have his/her ACE/military courses or specialties evaluated for transfer credit should submit an official copy of his/her military transcript to Undergraduate Admissions. Admissions will determine the number of credits to be awarded and the academic area in which the credit(s) have been earned. A student's department or academic adviser determines how general credits may be applied to the student's major.

Health and Physical Activity (GHA) Courses

(see General Education)

Before scheduling a course in this area, students who have completed basic training should submit an official copy of his/her ACE/military transcript to Undergraduate Admissions.

Reviewed: May 2016
Last Update: September 2005

Reference(s): Senate Policy 42-98