Course Abbreviations

Penn State identifies courses by a departmental abbreviation and course number (e.g., MATH 140, ENGL 15, ART 20).

Uniformity of Course Abbreviations exists at all Penn State colleges and campuses. For courses offered summer 2016 and earlier, Course Abbreviations in the Undergraduate Degree Programs Bulletin apply. Beginning fall 2016, course abbreviations no longer include spaces (e.g., ART H is ARTH) and are available in LionPATH Browse Course Catalog and Search for Classes.

A course is listed by its abbreviation in degree programs, in LionPATH, and on students’ records (e.g., degree audit and transcript).

Descriptions of courses that have been dropped are not available online; the Faculty Senate office maintains an archive.

Questions about course abbreviations and numbers should be directed to Kadi Corter, University curriculum coordinator (814-863-0996 or, the appropriate campus registrar, or the University Park department offering the course.

Last Update: May 2016