College Level Examination Program (CLEP)

A student may be awarded credit based on performance on a CLEP exam taken before or after admission depending on the score earned on the examination and other factors, as indicated in the Undergraduate Degree Programs Bulletin. Up-to-date information on CLEP credit awards is available from Undergraduate Admissions.

Impact on a Student's Penn State Record

A student must be in degree status or have completed at least one course of 3 credits or more at Penn State before CLEP credit will be recorded on his/her transcript.

When CLEP credit is recorded on the student's transcript, a grade is not recorded, and the student's grade-point average is not affected. Credits earned are included in the total credits earned (see Cumulative Credits/Total Credits).

Reviewed: May 2016
Last Update: March 2009

Reference(s): Senate Policy 42-94