Class Meeting Times

Regular Class Meeting Times

All Penn State courses that have regular class meetings throughout a semester or session are scheduled in advance, at specific meeting periods, in specific classrooms. Every Penn State campus has a course-scheduling matrix that distributes the course offerings among class meeting periods on days of the week, and for meeting times each day.

The University Park matrix is presented as a form on the Registrar's website. There is a Registration Worksheet for fall/spring semesters and one for the summer session on the Web.

Courses by Appointment

Some courses do not have regular class meeting times. These courses meet by appointment "APPT," as indicated in the Schedule of Courses listing of the class in the Day/Time column. The "Classroom" listed for a class by (APPT) refers to the location of the instructor or department offering the course. Instruction for these courses is arranged at a time agreeable to the student registered for the class and the course instructor. Students who register for courses that meet by appointment must contact the instructor or the department for information on arranging meeting times. An example follows:

Course Listing for Kor 296

Some courses have both scheduled meeting times and an "APPT" component. These courses have a regular class meeting time throughout the semester and time arranged at the convenience of the student (considered to be part of his/her in-class requirement). Information is provided on scheduling the appointment component when students attend the first scheduled class. An example follows:

Course Listing for Span 002

Courses on the Web

Web courses typically have no scheduled meeting times; in the Schedule of Courses, WEB is listed in the Day/Time field. Blended learning/hybrid courses have limited class meetings; in the Schedule of Courses, APPT and class meetings are listed in the Day/Time field.

Reviewed: July 2015
Last Update: February 2011

Reference(s): Academic Administrative Policies and Procedures Manual, C-1.7, 8