Change of Campus

The University admits first-semester baccalaureate degree candidates to a campus that can provide at least two semesters of normal progress toward the program they have selected. Generally, students are expected to complete two full years of academic work at their initial campus.

Request for Permanent Change of Campus

Students may request permanent change of campus via LionPATH under the following circumstances:

  1. The student is enrolled in a major that can be completed at the requested campus.
  2. The student has completed between 44.1-74 credits.

The credits must be completed in the semester PRIOR to the semester for which the change is requested.

Early Change of Campus because of Program Requirements

A student may request an early change of campus in order to maintain normal progress toward his/her preferred major. The student who is headed toward a major that requires early change of campus is expected to remain in that major and to schedule courses consistent with it. Under special circumstances, requests for other reasons may be approved as exceptions.

The student must obtain approval from officials at his/her campus (first) and at the desired campus (second) in order for the change to be processed. The designated official at the student's campus determines if it is appropriate for the student to relocate. If the request seems appropriate, the official initiates the change by informing the appropriate official at the other campus. He/she approves or denies the request. The student is notified of this decision. If the change is approved, the student receives instructions regarding registration for the subsequent semester at the new campus.

Note: Relocation to University Park during the first two years of academic work will be approved only under exceptional circumstances.

Student Action

  1. Discuss your academic plans with your academic adviser and determine when a change of campus is necessary.
  2. Request a change of campus through the appropriate dean's office at your campus.
  3. If you are changing to University Park, use the Change-of-Campus Transition Checklist to prepare. If you are changing to another campus, plan for the change with General Change of Campus information

Summer Registration at Alternative Penn State Campuses

Without requesting a change of campus, a student may register for course work at one or more alternate Penn State campuses during summer session(s) and then return to his/her assigned campus for fall semester.

Student Action

  1. Discuss your summer schedule plan with an academic adviser.
  2. Decide on the Penn State campus(es) and consult the course offerings or summer.
  3. To register, follow the directions for Registration.
  4. Keep your local address up to date so you will receive critical information. Use LionPATH to change your address.

Note: Students are expected to return to their assigned Penn State campus for fall semester unless a change of campus has been processed for fall.

Temporary Change of Campus (Other than Summer)

A student may request a change of campus on a temporary basis for one semester (for example, if a student needs to be closer to home). This is the appropriate action even if it's a student's final (graduating) semester. The student's request must be approved by officials at both the student's assigned campus and the requested campus. An approved temporary change of campus will automatically result in a return to the original campus for the next semester.

Student Action

Consult with your appropriate dean's office. Approval of the change request is based on the rationale for the change, the plan for meeting degree requirements at the desired Penn State campus, and the space available at the desired campus.

Students who want to change campuses for more than one semester will need to repeat the temporary change of campus procedure for a succeeding semester.

Cancelation of an Approved Campus Change

If a student decides not to change campuses before the semester when the change would take place, he/she should notify the appropriate office to cancel the change. If the student is enrolled at University Park, he/she should contact the appropriate dean's office. If the student is enrolled at another campus, he/she should contact the advising center at that campus.

Reviewed: July 2015
Last Update: January 2017

Reference(s): Academic Administrative Policies and Procedures Manual, D-1, D-2, and D-5