Canceling Registration

Before the first day of classes, if a student who has completed his/her registration decides that he/she does not want to attend the University that semester, cancellation of registration is possible. When registration is canceled, a complete refund of tuition and fees is granted.

Student Action

  1. Drop all courses that were scheduled for the upcoming semester or session by using eLion. You can also drop your courses at your college / campus advising center, your department office, or the Registrar's office at your campus.
  2. Contact the Bursar regarding any outstanding account balances.
  3. If you have received any form of financial aid, contact the Office of Student Aid to learn about the consequences of canceling your registration.
  4. If you have a loan, log onto Federal Student Aid and select Complete Exit Counseling to get information you need about repaying your loan.
  5. If you have a housing contract, cancel it by contacting the Housing Assignment Office at your campus.

After classes begin, if a student who has registered decides he/she does not want to attend the University that semester or session, the student must withdraw unless he/she never attended any classes. In this case, the student may follow the procedure for administrative course cancellation.

If a student is not enrolled for a fall or spring semester, re-enrollment is necessary to resume as a degree candidate.

The University may make changes in policies, procedures, educational offerings, and requirements at any time. Please consult a Penn State academic adviser for more detailed information.

Reviewed: July 2015
Last Update: May 2008