Advising Notes

The University’s official system resides in the Advising Notes function under the Advising service on eLion. The Help document associated with this eLion function addresses ways an adviser can appropriately enter and view a student’s notes. Beginning May 2016, prior to New Student Orientation, Starfish will provide a University-wide system for advising notes.

The database for eLion is ISIS. Therefore, entries in either one are recorded in both. Advising Contacts and Advising Notes on eLion appear on ISIS screens ARUEA and ARUEC, respectively, and vice versa. A Quick Reference Chart for Advising Notes Codes provides a guide to codes used in the eLion Contact Summary and in ARUEA.

This advising note system serves three main purposes:

  1. It provides online information and context about individual students. Advisers in any college and at any campus can record and track individual advising contacts and changes in students' curricular goals. This record ensures communication about a student’s academic issues and progress can be shared among advisers.
  2. It provides a database of student records that can be used to produce summary statistical information concerning the type and number of advising contacts.
  3. It provides a way of summarizing and defining many of the activities of academic advising and of affirming the subtleties and complexities of the advising process.

Advising Notes: A MAPP for Consistency provides a rationale and framework for advising notes.

The Guide to eLion Advising Notes and ARUEA/ARUEC provides all necessary codes and details for entering contacts. Although ARUEA displays other student-specific information (e.g., the student's semester classification, major, adviser assignment, registration status, etc.), this guide is intended to address only the Student Interview Record section of the screen (where advising contacts are recorded).

Last Update: June 2015