Administrative Course Cancellation

An administrative course cancellation resolves a registration error and results in the removal of a course (or courses) from the student's academic record. It is appropriate only if the student never participated in the course. If this procedure is used, drop or late drop of the course is not necessary. If this procedure results in the cancellation of all courses on a student's current semester schedule, the student must re-enroll to resume degree candidacy.


To process an administrative course cancellation, the student and the course instructor must certify that the student never attended the course.


An error may be corrected with this procedure only during the semester or session in which the error occurred or before the end of the next semester or summer sessions. Therefore, the deadline for a fall semester course would be the end of the following spring semester. The deadline for a spring semester course would be the end of the following summer sessions. The deadline for a course in any summer session would be the following fall semester. After the administrative course cancellation deadline, a request for the correction of an error must be submitted by petition to the University Faculty Senate.

Tuition, Fees, and Student Aid

No drop/add fee is charged for a correction of the error. However, the late drop processing fee is not reimbursed if the student late dropped the course prior to requesting an administrative course cancellation. If appropriate, tuition is reimbursed for the canceled course. Student aid may be adjusted. Students should contact the Office of the Bursar and/or the Office of Student Aid for information.

Impact on the Student Record

No record of this action is made on the student's transcript.

Student Action

  1. Go to the department offering the course and request an administrative course cancellation form.
  2. Complete the student section and sign the "Student Certification" on the form.
  3. Submit the form to the department office.
  4. To ensure that the course was canceled, obtain a corrected copy of your schedule (or grade report from the previous semester) approximately one week after requesting this action. If the course is still listed, seek assistance at the department office. The department will notify you if your request is denied.

University Action

The student-signed administrative course cancellation form is forwarded to the course instructor. If the instructor concurs that the student never attended the course, he/she signs the form and sends it to the Registrar's office to have the course removed from the student's record. If the instructor does not concur, then the request is denied and the department notifies the student.

The University may make changes in policies, procedures, educational offerings, and requirements at any time. Please consult a Penn State academic adviser for more detailed information.

Reviewed: July 2015
Last Update: June 2008

Reference(s): Academic Administrative Policies and Procedures Manual, C-2.10