Academic Progress

A 2.00 is the minimum cumulative grade-point average required for students to declare a major and to graduate from the University. Based on this minimum, students who fail to achieve a 2.00 semester grade-point average (GPA) and/or cumulative grade-point average (CGPA) receive notification indicating that they are at risk and stating the actions that are necessary to meet minimum requirements.

The Academic Progress table relates student status at the start of a semester, grades earned during the semester, and the resulting student status at the end of the semester: Good Standing, Academic Warning, or Academic Suspension.

Exemption: First-semester students are exempt from academic warning for their first 18 attempted credits (summer semester credits are excluded). However, if a student's first semester grade-point average is below a 2.00, he/she will receive notification about Academic Progress standards.

Academic Dismissal

After two academic suspensions, students who earn less than a 2.00 semester GPA are not permitted to take courses at the University. A student may apply for academic renewal four years after academic dismissal.

Last Update: October 2016

Reference(s): Senate Policies 51-00, 54-00, 82-40