Academic Help

Students who are having trouble in their courses or are doing well but want to do better can find help in many places. They may contact the instructor and ask about best practices, review sessions, supplemental instruction, and other resources. They should discuss with their instructors note taking and study habits for the course and ask about taking tests and completing assignments more effectively.

Learning centers across Penn State also offer support in many areas, including economics, languages, mathematics, philosophy, public speaking, sciences, statistics, and writing.

In addition, students can use many Penn State departments, colleges, and online resources to improve their learning. Advisers should encourage students to be experimental and proactive in discovering their best ways to learn.

Basic Habits and Attitudes
Everybody’s Talking About College Success (Indiana University Bloomington)
Motivation (Indiana University Bloomington)
Resilience & Bouncing Back (Indiana University Bloomington)
Time Management (Indiana University Bloomington)

Learning Centers
Campus Learning Centers
Library Learning Services
Penn State Learning

Math and Statistics
Learning Assistance for Eberly College of Science Courses
Mathematics and Statistics (Penn State Learning)
Penn State Math Courses (College of Science)
Self Help—Math Study Skills (Texas A&M University)

Note Taking (Penn State Learning)
Note Taking 101 (
Taking Notes in Class (Indiana University Bloomington)

Presentations: Preparing and delivering
Undergraduate Speaking Center (College of the Liberal Arts)
Services for Internationals (EPPIC)

Critical Reading (Cleveland State University)
Critical Reading vs. Critical Thinking (Dan Kurland)
Reading Comprehension (Penn State Learning)
Reading Ideas as Well as Words (Dan Kurland)

Concept Maps (iStudy for Success!)
Create a Concept Map (Library Learning Services)
Research Opportunities for Undergraduates
Library Learning Services (University Libraries)

Learning Assistance for Eberly College of Science Courses
Learning Science and Earning Excellent Grades at the Same Time (College of Science)

Study Skills
Additional Resources for Study Skills (College of Science)
Dr. Stephen Chew video series (YouTube)
Study Skills (College of Science)

Tech Tutors

Multiple Choice Mayhem (Indiana University Bloomington)
Quizzes! Tests! Exams! (Indiana University Bloomington)
Test Taking Anxiety (Penn State Learning)

Tutoring and Study Groups
Tutoring  and Study Groups (Penn State Learning)
Services for Internationals (EPPIC)

Academic Integrity and Research Ethics (College of Earth and Mineral Sciences)
Citation and Writing Guides (University Libraries)
How to Write a Thesis Statement (Indiana University Bloomington)
Some General Advice on Academic Essay-Writing (University of Toronto)

Resources by Colleges
Agricultural Sciences (Learning Centers and Tutoring)
Earth and Mineral Sciences (Academic Advising and Tutoring)
Engineering (Tutoring and Support Programs)
Science (Learning Assistance)

Last Update: March 2016