About the Handbook

This handbook is published by the Division of Undergraduate Studies (DUS) in consultation with offices throughout Penn State to provide user-friendly advising information regarding University-wide academic policies and procedures. It is intended to be used in conjunction with University, college, and department advising resources. Information, policies, and procedures have been cross-referenced with the relevant University sources. Although the handbook is designed for use at University Park, most information is applicable at other Penn State campuses.

Use the Suggest a Change link in the main menu of each handbook page to request clarification, answers to questions, additions to the index, and/or to submit completed letters or forms that could serve as a guide to others. All submissions will be considered for inclusion in the handbook. Statements will be edited to remove names and all forms of identification.

Tips for Handbook Use

Searches: To find a particular topic in the handbook, use the alphabetical index or type a word or phrase into the Search field. This handbook is referenced in Advising @ PSU, a comprehensive guide to online University academic advising resources for students, faculty, and staff. This site's alphabetical index links to all handbook sections. Using searches on the Advising @ PSU site, it is possible to access information on a topic in all advising source documents.

Links: Links to appropriate websites are provided in the index and throughout the handbook. However, we are not responsible for the content of sites that have not been developed by DUS. (Entries that link to websites outside of the handbook are designated by a External link icon indicating that the link will open a new tab or window..)

URLs: As of October 1, 2013, the URL to the handbook has changed! Please be sure to update your bookmarks and use the URL handbook.psu.edu to link to the Undergraduate Advising Handbook from your site. All pages have a unique URL that is clearly displayed in the address bar at the top of your browser.

Advising Updates: These news releases are intended to notify academic advisers of new or discontinued majors and minors, as well as changes in policies or procedures affecting academic advising.